All cultures seem to believe the idea that history is a kind of chart that guides its members in to the future. Hitory gets transmitted from generation to generation.

These stories of the past offer the members of a culture part of their identity while highlighting the culture’s origins, what is deemed important, and the most significant starting point of Western civilization, which is the culture that most powerfully shapes not only the west but most of world today. It seems to me to be evident that whatever it’s over characteristics, the West has created institutions of government and law that provide unprecedented freedom for its people. It has also invented a body of natural scientific knowledge and technological achievement that together made possible a level of health and material prosperity undreamed of in earlier times and unknown ouside the West and those places that have been influenced.

Society cannot achieve the full benefits of Western science and technology without commitment to reason and objectivity as essentail of knowledge. The primary of reason and the pursuit of objectivity therefore, both characteristic of the Western experience seem to me to be essential for the achievement of the desired goals almost anywhere in the world. Chance and accident often played a vital part in the material condition of life cannot take root and flourish without reason, although it was employed for all sorts of practical and intellectual purposes in some of these cultures, it still lacked independence from religion and it lacked the high status to challenge the most basic received ideas.

It rest on religious authority, tradition, and power with a painful understanding of the limitations of the greatness and possibilities before man that together, composes the tragic vision of the human condition that characterized classical Greek civilization.

incried at Apollo’s temple at Delphi, “know Thyself” “Nothing in Excess” known your own limitations as a fallible mortal(not divine) to train in virtue of the animals when prefected, so he is the worst when seperated from law and justice. For injustice is most dangerous when it is armed. A religion that worshipped a single all powerful deity, who is sharply seperated from human beings.